The Intensive Care Unit can be a difficult experience for patients and their family members. Strive to improve your ICU’s service by implementing the Family Satisfaction with the ICU survey.

Family Satisfaction

Around the world, Intensive care units (ICUs) strive to deliver high quality of care to patients and their families. Currently, patient satisfaction is a key performance measure for assessing the quality of health care delivered. However, in the context of critical illness, where the patient is sick and often unaware of the care episode, family satisfaction is a key performance measure for ICUs. In 1998, little research was done concerning family satisfaction with the ICU, which prompted Dr. Daren Heyland and his colleagues to develop the Family Satisfaction with the ICU questionnaire, also known as the FS-ICU.

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If you are going to measure family satisfaction in your ICU, you may be interested in benchmarking. This allows us to provide you with a report that compares your satisfaction scores to scores of other ICUs in our dataset, to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Benchmarking is extremely useful because it identifies the ‘best achievable’ scores on the various items and can guide your future quality improvement activities.

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About the Survey

Along with updated visual aids, questions and formatting, the new FS ICU 24R can be accessed digitally. A downloadable and printable version of the survey is also available.

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